Tanaav Review

Last updated on November 12, 2022

Every story has two sides, but each side has its own twists!

Despite its inconsistencies, Arbaaz Khan and Manav Vij's Tanaav makes for a compelling watch that leaves you wanting for more. If you watch the series with a clear mind, it will undoubtedly leave you surprised.

SonyLIV’s latest presentation Tanaav is an adaptation of the highly acclaimed Israeli series Fauda. The creators have based the Indian show in Kashmir, with the story centred around the conflict between state-run Special Task Group (STG) and insurgents in the Valley. The series is nuanced, keeping in mind the volatile political space they are exploring. Instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty of the conflict in the region, it is a well-made human story where both, STG and insurgents, have strong motives even as they delicately balance their personal lives.

Tanaav starts off as yet another TV show that focusses on Kashmir and the violence it endures. It rushes to stop a dangerous terrorist on the loose who was presumed dead. The twists and turns later might look like an old wine in a new bottle. Despite its inconsistencies, Tanaav makes for a compelling watch that leaves you wanting for more. Tanaav's narration and screenplay are on point, however, it lacks in its execution.

The storyline of Tanaav is set in Kashmir where retired Special Task Group (STG) officer Kabir Farooqi (Manav Vij) is living a secluded and peaceful life with his wife Nusrat (Sukhmani Sadana) and two children. He is asked to join the secret forces again by a senior official (Arbaaz Khan) to identify and kill Omar AKA Panther, a deadly terrorist who is presumed dead. The Panther is planning something deadly in Kashmir that could turn fatal. This cat-and-mouse game between Omar and Kabir forms the crux of Tanaav.

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