Mukhbir – The Story of a Spy Review

November 12, 2022

This 'hatke' espionage thriller starring Zain Khan Durrani will keep you hooked till the end.

Spy thrillers are always tricky. It can either keep the audience hooked from the very beginning or the case could be the complete opposite. A lot of filmmakers have tried to dabble in this genre, some have failed, and some succeeded. In the times when OTT is just booming, it is risky to pick up an espionage thriller. But with Mukbir – The Story of A Spy it seems the risk was worth taking. The web series consisting of eight episodes has gone live on Zee 5 and here's the full review of it.

When speaking about Mukhbir- The Story of A Spy, Prakash Raj and Adil Hussain maintained that the web series is their tribute to the unsung heroes of India. While men and women at the borders are credited for their adulation and commitment to the country, not many take into account the ones to cross borders to safeguard lives in their native lands. Zee5's new show Mukhbir is just that.

Zain Khan Durrani plays the role of Kamran, a young, shrewd, no-strings-attached kind of guy. He isn't darting for something extraordinary but is surrounded by people with great ambitions. He has been working for KSK Murthy (Prakash Raj) as a small-time spy in the city without realising the senior agent's plans. During the tense notes of the 1960s, Kamran is asked to cross borders, be in Pakistan and give intel on warring situations. Be it his imbecility or Murthy's pep talk, he decides to take the plunge and becomes Harfan.

In his head, he is a detached man void of emotional quotient, but when he has to live with a dysfunctional family, murder an innocent and watch gullible men die, his heart aches, his hands shake and he screams hard. Zain, makes Kamran/ Harfan empathetic. He brings out the naivety of his characters to the surface holding the charm. He carefully toes the line between brilliance and periodic lunacy.

The series, however, is constructed by the supporting actors. Atul Kumar is fantastic as a crude, unpalatable Brigadier Habibullah while Harsh Chhaya is ominous as ever as Major General Agha Khan. Prakash Raj and Adil Hussain are dependable as ever playing senior bureaucrats.

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