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Kundali Bhagya going for 4 years leap

As per the reports, Kundali Bhagya will soon have four years leap in the show. Who will exit and who will enter in the show. Know it.

Wednesday May 8, 2024

Adit Angry With Mangal

In the upcoming episode of Mangal Lakshmi Adit will be shown agry with Mangal. Will this incident spoil Laksmi's marraige.

Sunday May 5, 2024

Big Argue Between Sahiba & Angad

Checkout the latest update of Teri Meri Dooriyann which aired on star plus. Watch Saas Bahu aur Betiyan (SBB) to know what's happening in Indian tellyworld. Presenting you the latest updates and daily dose of entertainment in the form of star cast interviews, gossips, updates of reality shows, behind the scenes, twist in serials. Join […]

Friday September 29, 2023

Rajveer Meets an Accident

Rajveer Meets an Accident at Dahi Handi Celebration in Luthra House. Checkout the Latest Twist & Turns of the TV Show Kundali Bhagya Which Aired on Zee TV

Friday September 29, 2023